The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Chicken the Indian Way

51 mouth-watering “Home-Style” ways to cooking chicken in a JIFFY as only Indians Can Bonus: 204-page “The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Rice the Indian Way” FREE with this book From Prasenjeet Kumar, the #1 best-selling author of the “Cooking In A Jiffy” series of cookbooks, comes the absolutely Ultimate Guide to Cooking Chicken with such exotic spices and taste that you will be left asking for more. You will learn to cook chicken with yoghurt and coconut milk, mustard and turmeric, curry leaves and garam masala (literally hot spices) and so on. So forget your somewhat similar tasting chicken nuggets, wings, wraps, and sandwiches. Also say bye to the boring boiled and broiled and baked ways to make chicken and egg dishes and let this new book open your eyes to the wonderful possibilities of cooking chicken the way northern, southern, eastern and western Indians do. There are 7 starter (or snack) dishes, 8 dry recipes, 15 chicken curries, 5 recipes for cooking chicken with rice, and 8 ways to cook eggs THE INDIAN WAY. For the spice-challenged or nostalgia ridden folks, there are 8 dishes from the days of the British Raj that do use cheese and involve baking, if you were missing that! And the bottom line is that you master these and you can handle any Indian non-vegetarian dish, the author promises. So if you were till now wondering how to incorporate this superb, low-calorie, high quality protein rich white meat in your daily diet in the tastiest manner possible, just grab this book with both your hands. So What are You Waiting For? Scroll Up and Grab a Copy Today! Other Books by the Author How to Create a Complete Meal in a Jiffy (Book 1) The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Rice the Indian Way (Book 2) The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Fish the Indian Way (Book 3) How To Cook In A Jiffy Even If You Have Never Boiled An Egg Before (Book 4) The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Lentils the Indian Way (Book 5) Home Style Indian Cooking In A Jiffy (Book 6) Healthy Cooking In A Jiffy: The Complete No Fad, No Diet Handbook (Book 7) Keywords: curry recipes, healthy indian food, chicken and rice recipes, chicken recipes made easy, quick and easy indian cooking cookbook, indian cuisine, healthy pressure cooker recipes, chicken curry recipes, tandoori chicken, murgh massalam, murgh kali mirch, chicken shami kebab, indian lunch ideas, indian dinner ideas, how to make chicken, indian home cooking, classic indian cooking, egg curry, indian cooking in a jiffy, indian food, indian recipes, cooking in a jiffy, jiffy cooking, chicken breast recipes, chicken mince recipes, keema recipes, curry chicken, coconut curry chicken, how to make curry chicken, south indian recipes, north indian recipes