The Real Taste of India

All Indians take their food very seriously. Usually the mothers begin to teach their daughters and pass down family recipes by showing and telling fairly young in life. With its exotic aromas and complex flavours, Indian cuisine is one of the worlds best. The story of foreign influences on Indian food is as interesting and intriguing as the Indian food itself. Indians have absorbed the foods from all over the world throughout the history, which gave rise to one of the most rich and sophisticated culinary traditions in the world. Most of the Indian spices used in Indian cooking were chosen originally for their medicinal qualities rather than for flavours; for example, turmeric, cloves, and cardamom are very antiseptic; cinnamon is helpful in controlling cholesterol; ginger is effective against cold and flu and the list goes on. To me, this book presents a wide selection of starterssalads, curries, and rice disheswithout using any artificial food ingredients that are quick to prepare and easy to make. If you like to try something a little more unusual for your special occasions, this book is suitable for you. And all recipes have been explained in a simple-to-follow manner. Enjoy the art and science of cooking!