Variety is the spice of life, and knowing to prepare the different cuisines of the states, enhances the taste buds. This book contains many mouthwatering Indian dishes, their detailed recipes and their predominant role in Indian culture. The simple language and guidelines provide excellent introduction to theory and practices of the regional cooking procedures in Indian states. The book serves a platter of history of spices, their origin, the religious and medicinal impact of these spices, different cooking utensils and their usage, various methods of cooking and many finger-licking recipes. The text discusses the traditional and special delights of the four broad regions—East, West, North and South. The staple food and their occasion-oriented backdrop dominate all the descriptions. The recipes are simple, tested and standardized so that they can be easily adaptable by the students and professionals of college and food service organizations. Intended for undergraduate and postgraduate students of hotel management, this textbook will also be useful for the hoteliers and budding professional chefs. KEY FEATURES : The book covers : Staple diet of the people of different religions, cultures and customs Varied usage of spices and composite masalas Different types of gravies used Innumerable dishes and their preparations Various domestic tips for kitchen management Guidelines on keeping the kitchen fresh and free of odours Complete Indian cuisine integrated in one compendium