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Hi Friends, I am Aparna… You are welcome in Aparna’s Recipes Today we will make one of famous fish dish.. Pomfret fry Friends, this is very easy to cook and it is really tasty So do try this recipe and if you like then click like button on video Share with friends And for such interesting recipes, SUBSCRIBE to my channel TO get notification of my every video click on 🔔

Let us start cooking Here we have taken 4 pomfret and have removed tail and pelvic fin Now give a small cut below head and clean With knief we will give small cuts will do same from other side see, all fish are ready with cut Now we will marinate it Add 1 tea spoon ginger-garlic paste I prefer home made ginger-garlic paste it gives better taste 1/2 tea spoon turmeric powder 2 tea spoon kokani masala/red chili powder Quantity of red chili powder can be decided as per your preference salt as per teste mix it and marinate all pomfret add all stuff evenly on all fish you can mix all spice in bowl and then apply on pomfrets one by one You can see spices are applied to all pomfrets Squeeze half lime on all pomfrets Do this for other side just spread with hands now we will keep them aside for 30 minutes After 30 minutes, you can see all are set now we will fry them Here we have taken rice flour we will add salt kokani masala or red chili powder mix it well now coat pomfret with this flour will do from both side note that we do not want thick coat now we will fry it Here we have taken flat pan add 2-3 table spoon oil put fish once oil get hot we have to fry it on medium-high flame now we will fry from other side now you can see its color changed to golden brown fry it from other side too Keep pouring some oil from sides so it should not look dry after fry Keep gas flame on medium need some more oil drops flip it again see..

after 15 minutes it is now fried from both sides remove it in plate follow same process for other pomfrets Friends, this is very simple and tasty recipe of fish If you like eating fish, then do try it @ home and add your valuable comments in comment section Also do not forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel .

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