Miss Masala

Delish recipes, hilarious anecdotes, and clever tips for juggling your masalas with your mascaras—how any hapless kitchen honey can become a fashionista foodie and cook gorgeous Indian food So much more than just a cookbook, this beautiful, handbag-sized journal fuses irresistible Indian recipes with Mallika’s quirky and hilarious tales, and will make Indian cooking an effortless part of anyone’s goddess lifestyle. No-nonsense kitchen advice demystifies all those glorious, exotic ingredients and spices, and shows just how easy and rewarding it is to cook Indian cuisine at home. Alongside easy instructions for making aromatic Kerala Chicken or the best Seekh Kebabs, Mallika gives handy hints on how to cook a jalfrezi and still head to the bar an hour later without reeking of eau de curry. Fabulous recipes include Kosha Mangsho (lamb sautéed in yogurt and roasted cumin), Murgh Makhani (velvety butter chicken), Tandoori Macchli (monkfish in tandoori spices), Peshawari Naan (naan stuffed with nuts and raisins), Bhapa doi (saffron and cardamom cheesecake), and Vodka Chilli Cocktails. This is real Indian cooking for busy city living. Includes dual measures.