Mesmerizing Indian Cuisine

Are you looking for some new flavors to enjoy and new meals to bring some excitement into your dinners? Or interested in exploring tantalizing and exotic foods Asian cuisine offers? If your answer is ‘YES’, then look no further, this collection of mesmerizing Indian recipes is all you need to spice up your days and festive events. Indian people are world-known for their hospitality, they love sharing their meals, inviting everyone to try the dishes they prepare with a special passion for food. Be it a delicious snack or tantalizing dessert, it is always a culinary feast and a delight for your taste buds. Every Indian recipe makes you feel the traditions of Indian food culture, carefully preserved and carried through the generations from their ancestors and still being prepared with the same set of ingredients their ancestors used. In this cookbook you are going to discover a truly authentic collection of 50 popular recipes from various parts of India. All the recipes are easy to prepare and include a unique combination of local spices and herbs. Explore the exclusive chapters covering Indian snacks, appetizers, exotic curry recipes, main course meat meals, seafood meals, vegetarian meals, and mouthwatering desserts. Make your days full of exotic flavors and mesmerizing smells coming from your favorite Indian meals freshly-prepared at the comfort of your kitchen. Happy Indian Cooking!