Instant Indian

Discover favorite foods from all over India with the Instant Pot! By now, nearly everyone has heard of the Instant Pot, the multi-use programmable pressure cooker that has taken the home cooking world by storm and brought together a community of millions of online followers. With over 5 million Instant Pots sold–and numerous similar programmable cooking devices now joining the market–this time-saving cooking phenomenon is certainly here to stay. The Instant Pot lends itself perfectly to Indian recipes, making flavorful, nutritious Indian fare like dals, legumes and all manner of curries–that typically take a long time to simmer–up to 70% faster than on the stove top. Cookbook author, blogger and cooking teacher Rinku Bhattacharya has put together a collection of 100 authentic recipes that showcase the diversity and range of the foods of India, where every state and region boasts its own unique dishes. Nine chapters cover everything from essentials like key ingredients, spice blends, curry sauces, and yogurt-making, to recipes for breakfasts, rice & grain dishes, lentils, vegetables, seafood, chicken and meat curries, as well as drinks, chutneys and desserts. Nearly all of the recipes are gluten free, and there are plenty of vegetarian and vegan options as well. With step-by-step instructions and color photos throughout, Instant Indian makes Indian cooking easy and fool-proof using all the functions of this popular appliance. Whether you crave idli and sambhar from South India, Khaman Dhokla from Gujarat, Punjabi Butter Chicken, Goan Fish Curry or Bengali Red Lentils, or simply want to discover a new favorite, this cookbook brings the best of India to your table in an instant!