Ann Vinod has traveled the world to experience different spices, ingredients, and cooking techniques. She fell in love not only with a man who was born in India but with Indian cuisine, as well. Now, with her cookbook, Indspired, she introduces flavorful Indian fusion fare and makes it accessible to novice cooks and experienced foodies alike. She presents starters, main dishes, snacks and more in this innovative collection of east meets west. The flavors of both cultures mesh perfectly in each recipe, creating new and delicious taste combinations. She draws upon her experience as a restaurant cook to make your kitchen a place of complex flavors and fun. All of the entrée recipes in Indspired are paired with leading single malt whiskies. She encourages adventurous chefs to learn how to match this classic spirit with her modern recipes. Take an imaginative trip around the world including the far reaches of India and return feeling truly Indspired.