222 Restaurant Style Indian and Chinese Recipes

Restaurant Recipes for every type of Indian and Chinese food from all over India 222 Restaurant Style Indian and Chinese Recipes is for all you who would like to cook your favorite Restaurant Dishes in the comfort of your own kitchen. This book by Chef Dhir includes recipes from every nook and corner of India along with Indian Style Chinese recipes. All your favorite recipes of Chinese Soups, Indian and Chinese Starters, Biryanis and Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Indian Dishes from Punjab, Kerala, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Malwan, Konkan etc along with the famous Mumbai Street Food and chutneys and sauces are all part of this book The Contents include the following: 20 Indian And Chinese Soups 25 Indian And Chinese Starters 56 Indian Non Vegetarian Dishes 20 Goan Dishes 20 Biryanis 40 Vegetarian Indian Entrées 31 Indian Chinese Entrées 10 Condiments Glossary